Dropsmith Interview - Madeleine Kerkhof

Interview – Madeleine Kerkhof

Melani 2 years ago 1

This month’s video interview is with the inspirational Madeleine Kerkhof. Madeleine is a former nurse, now an authority on clinical aromatherapy lecturing all over the world. She is the founder of several influential organizations active worldwide to help develop complementary care. Her unique experience is shared through her work and her wonderful books as well as numerous professional articles.

We are grateful for Madeleine’s continuing support, wide knowledge, and experience that she is so generously willing to share with us. The reason we included both of her extraordinary books is because of their detailed descriptions on the extremely specific application. Although her books are primarily written for therapists working in palliative care her advice on how to apply oils is applicable for all of us using them.

I am very excited to share this video interview with you.


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